Blogging is an online web log. From personal to professional, it is a great way of engaging your audience with your content. In a series of writing around blogging, I was thinking about what I should be writing to start off. After having given some thought, I have decided to write about the reasons why you should start blogging in the first place.

The whole world is going through the Covid-19 pandemic caused by Novel Coronavirus. Lockdown has been imposed almost all around the world and everyone has to follow it. Companies have provided work from home facilities. Companies and employees have learned and adapted a new way of working. Productive or not that is a different discussion.

One of the downsides of this outbreak is that there are many people who have lost their jobs and many others have to face pay deductions. For many, relying upon one income stream only has turned out to be a bad decision. This lockdown has taught us to enquire about the possibilities which we can tap onto for creating more than one income streams.

Online content creation is one such possibility. Blogging is a good example of it. Other examples are podcasts and video content creation on platforms like YouTube, TikTok, etc.

In this blog post, I am going to state 7 Reasons, why you should start blogging immediately.

1. Blogging creates opportunities

Why you should start blogging

To whichever field you belong and have your expertise, if you could learn to express it in words, it may create an array of opportunities. Writing establishes you as an expert. You may end up getting calls for engagement as a speaker at respective conferences. You may publish your books. Launch your courses and teach about how to blog. You get to meet new people and communities.

2. Establishes you as an authority

Blogging Authority

Writing about relevant topics for your readers and/or around your expertise sets you up as an authority. With authority comes trust. You succeed to create a reliable persona for your readers. Blogs are the new business cards.

3. Blogging Generates Money

Money reason for Blogging

A blog is your own property on the web. With a good reader base and traffic to it, you can monetize it. With hard work, you can even grow it into a full-time income source. You get paid for advertising and sponsorships for product reviews and recommendations. Further on you can make more money by having an associated YouTube channel and a podcast too.

4. Gives you a global reach

Blogging gives global reach

With a blog, you can reach out to a global audience. Your writing, your knowledge, your point of view, your stories, etc can be accessed from all across the world. It reaches more readers and you get better engagement.

5. Good for Personal Growth

Blogging is good for personal growth

As time passes you get better at any skill that you practice. Comparing your old work with new write-ups develops a perspective. It makes you more analytical and you get better ideas about what to write and how to write. With your readers/audience appreciations, you get confidence and you aspire to do more.

6. Teaches new skills

Teaches new skills
Blogging is not a stand-alone task. It requires learning and honing many other skills without which the blogging journey doesn’t complete.Such asEach of these skills alone is enough to create more money for you.

7. Can influence and inspire others

Influence and inspire others

With a positive response from your audience, you write better and more. Gradually, it creates a personal branding around you, and people look up to you. Being able to inspire others from your work and success gives more power to you. Seeing your readers/audience walking on the same path is a satisfying feeling. Feeling that somehow you could become able to change someone’s life, gives an unspoken fulfilling experience.