Digital marketing is a buzz word nowadays. People from different walks of life with varied experiences are moving in to master it. Irrespective of gender, age, experience, and educational background. Everyone appears to set their marks on its vivid canvas. It is a useful tool for business owners, bloggers, and e-commerce enthusiasts. Also, if you are a student or a housewife, you can take full benefits and create an online passive income source.

Digital Marketing is an umbrella term. It refers to advertising of a product or services through digital channels. Examples of digital channels are search engines, social media, email, web and mobile applications, SMS, etc.

Online Digital Marketing

We can break it down into 2 categories

1. Online Digital Marketing (internet marketing)
2. Offline Digital Marketing (electronic device based)

Online i.e. Internet Marketing

1. Social Media Marketing (SMM)
2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
3. Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
4. Content Marketing
5. Pay-Per-Click (PPC)
6. Affiliate Marketing
7. Email Marketing
8. Inbound Advertising
9. Online PR
10. Marketing Automation etc.

Offline i.e. Electronic Device Based Marketing

1. Electronic Billboards

Offline Marketing Billboard[Photo Source:Unsplash]


2. Radio Advertising
3. Television Advertising
4. Mobile Phone Advertising

Numerous digital tactics and channels are used to connect with consumers/customers/prospects where they spend much of their time online to consume digital content.

Many of you may consider Digital Marketing as: 

  • Becoming expert in social media tactics,
  • Analytical techniques,
  • Performing SEO,
  • Mastering different digital marketing tools
  • Knowing how to run paid ads
  • Using chatbots
  • and masterning automation etc.

But Digital Marketing is more about marketing than digital. We often forget this as the most fundamental thing.

content is king

Also that Content is the king and communicating right thing to right people is the key. So, communication and writing skill plays an important role in digital marketing.

How Digital Marketing Works

Lets understand how does it work?

  • First and the foremost, it’s all about content. That is why content creation and content marketing takes the center stage. 
  • Then we do SEO. Better rank helps to bring more traffic.
  • After that promotion with the help of social media happens.
  • Paid advertising is used
  • Then comes email marketing.
  • With the help of lead magnet, opt-in happens, conversion happens.
  • Last but not the least, with an effective funnel, conversion maximizes.

Why Does Digital Marketing Matter

Digital Marketing is the need of the hour. A considerable part of the population across the world is already online. The number is increasing every day. People now prefer to read online. They look for news, views, and reviews. They check for feedback and recommendations online.

Apart from that, there are many other activities for which you prefer to get online, right? Be it connecting with friends and families. Catching up with the latest entertainment through movies and other stuff. Do online shopping or you name it.

Basically, a majority of the consumer base is now hanging out online most of the time. That is why online content matters a lot and advertisers are focusing more on this. Other than this, one important reason for choosing online marketing is that it is cost-effective and it has the potential to reach the targeted audience with the help of custom-tailored campaigns.


So, whether you choose to write your own blog around a niche, provide your consultation for online marketing solutions, or want to do a job in online marketing space. Digital marketing is the way to go along. The better you become at it, the more is the chance of your success online.

P.S. A niche is a focused and targeted area that you understand and serve particularly very well. For example, online money-making techniques for housewives. Best SEO practices in E-commerce etc.